18mm Minimal System

  • 18mm Minimal is a sliding window without any visible profile in interlocking.
  • Interlocking Profile only 18mm wide.
  • Exclusive sliding system with rollers in the track for smooth operating with no effort needed.
  • Reinforcement interlocking Profile for High Wind Load.
  • Glass thickness: – 28mm Double Glaze unit.
  • Maximum height: – 5 m
  • Maximum area leaf: – upto 12m2
  • Locking option: – Single point & Multi point lock.
  • Frame option :- 2 track and single track option for multiple tracks possible.

50mm Sliding Windows

  • Slim interlocking system for maximum view.
  • Slim Interlocking Profile 35mm wide only.
  • Glass Option :- 8mm thickness to 30mm thickness.
  • Height :- Maximum shutter height upto 3800mm.
  • Weight :- Maximum shutter weight upto 250kg per shutter.
  • Locking Option :- Multi point locking system only.

65mm x 20mm Sleek Sliding Window

  • 20mm Slim interlocking system for Maximum view.
  • Slim interlocking profile 20mm wide only.
  • Glass Option :- Minimum 5mm to 25.52mm glass can be used.
  • Height & Width :- 1500mm X 3300mm
  • Maximum Shutter Weight :- upto 250kg
  • Locking Option :- Single point & Multi point lock.
  • Frame Option :- 2 Track, 3 Track & 4 Track.

60mm x 20mm Sleek Sliding Window

  • Slim Interlocking System for maximum view
  • Slim Interlocking Profile 20mm wide only
  • Glass Options :- Minimum 5mm to 21mm max
  • Shutter Width & Height :- 1200mm x 2286mm
  • Depends on glass thickness
  • Maximum Shutter Weight – Upto 100kgs
  • Locking Options :- Single Point & Multi-point
  • Frame Options :- 2 Track, 3 Track and 4 Track

Vertical Sliding Window

  • Vertical window with counter weight system.
  • Finger touch sliding with no effort needed.
  • Single point locking system.
  • Glass Thickness :- 5mm only.
  • Height & width of Windows Depends on different Criteria.
  • Track option :- 2 track , 3 track & 4 track.

50mm Door

  • IN Door Max. Width1200mm
  • Height3800mm
  • Glass Thickness :- 5mm to 30mm double glaze glass.
  • Weight Max. 150kg per Panel.
  • Locking System :- Multipoint locking.

50mm Openable Window

  • IN window with Butt hinges same door Height and Width are applicable.
  • In Friction Hinges Max. Width 1200mm
  • Height 2000mm
  • Weight Max. 100kg Per Panel.
  • Window Max Width 900mm
  • Height 1600mm
  • Weight Max. 60Kg per panel.
  • Glass Thickness :- In both case from 5mm to 30mm Double glaze glass.(DependsOn Specification)

Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Glass Option :- Minimum 5mm thickness to 24mm thickness glass can be used.
  • Maximum Width :- 1700mm
  • Maximum Height :- 2000mm
  • Weight :- Maximum panel weight upto 150 kg max.

Restricted Openable

  • In Restricted Opneable window generally outward /top hung restricted window with 4-point locking.
  • Opening size either 150mm or 170mm.
  • Generally used in hotels, hospitals and centrally AC Villas.
  • Max height and depth depends on many factory, such as the type of arms used, the type of glass, the specific wind resistance requirement. the min. size is related to the no. and location of the locking point.